Universum's Knock-Out


Nekoma Ico (KWPN) Marco Polo (Trak.)
Harmonie (Hess.) Edelmann XX
Luzi B. Le Champion (Holst.) Lord (Holst.)
Nelsa (Holst.)
Baronin (Holst.) Donauwind (Trak.)
Notable (Hann.)
Universum's Knock-Out
Stud-book de naissance ZFDP
Stud-book de reproduction Facteur Selle Francais Section B
Robe Tobiano Bai
Né en 1997
Taille 1.68m
Semence disponible en Congelée (IAC)
Tarif 500 Euros HT la dose

Sire Nekoma is the most well-known son of Ico and had a lot of international show jumping successes with Jürgen Kenn in Germany. Nekoma was competing in Rheinland-Pfalz, Hessen and Holstein and is spending his retirement in Austria.

Dam Luzi, who is owned by Despina Franzke from Universum Hengststation, was successfully competing in dressage competitions Grade M. Luzi´s sire Le Champion was breeded after the Holsteiner Performance Prescription and as the Marbacher Landbeschäler he brought the graded stallion Lucky the Man, who was sold at 250.000 EURO in 2004 as the top performance stallion at the Elite Auction in Würtemberg / Germany.

Luzi B´s dam Baronin, a Holstein branded daughter from the Trakehner Donauwind and from the Hannoverian Aumund-daughter Notable, was placed 3rd at the German Championship in Munich with Stefanie Baumann and afterwards she was very successful and winning in heavy show jumping competions on international level.

Nock-Out is currently the best coloured show jumping stallion in Germany after his Sire Nekoma.

He was listed at 10th place as the only coloured horse in the Top-20 list 2005 of the ZFDP (Zuchtverband für Deutsche Pferde) with lifetime winnings exceeding 3800.- Euros by August 2005.

He is a proven performer and a successful international show jumper. Great attitude and temperament who wants to win!

He was Champion at his grading and achieved highest score for jumping ability. Best notes for charakter and rideability. Nock-Out passed the 70 day performance test.

Stallion Performance Test:

Total score :106,43


Jumping: 113,05

Performance Records 2002 - 2005 - 61 wins and places

  • Twice qualified and participated German Bundeschampionat
  • Numerous wins and places in Grades M/A and S* international show jumping competitions in Germany.

Lifetime Winnings (FN) until end of July 2005: exceeds 3.800.- Euros

2005 - Competing in Germany in show jumping Grade M + S* and for the first time Grade S* internationally placed 5th. Total:19 wins and places

2004 - Competing in Germany nationally in show jumping Grade M + S, GVA (2. place) First time show jumping Grade S* placed 3rd. Total:12 wins and places

2003 - Competing in Germany in show jumping Grade L + M Competing in Sögel (show jumping competition only for graded stallions being the only coloured stallion.) - placed 4th in Grade L and 5th in Grade M

Qualified for German Bundeschampionat Total:19 wins and places

2002 - Starting first show jumping competition Grade A + L (9 wins and places) and Grade M (1. place) in Germany.

Grade GPF-A (3rd place) - Qualified for German 'eventing'-Bundeschampionat Total: 11 wins and places

Universum's Knock-Out
Universum's Knock-Out
Universum's Knock-Out
Universum's Knock-Out
Universum's Knock-Out
Universum's Knock-Out
Universum's Knock-Out
Universum's Knock-Out
Universum's Knock-Out
Universum's Knock-Out

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